VENTURIGO is a new and better solution for envelope airtightness testing.
It`s far more ACCURATE and guaranteed FASTER then other airtightness test system on the market.
It`s not difficult to test large buildings anymore. It`s easy with VENTURIGO.

Large buildings

Venturigo tests buildings from 20.000 m3 and larger. With ease

Entire building

Venturigo tests the entire building envelope in a single test. Whatever the size and complexity

Faster test

Venturigo tests the building within 1 hour. You will hardly notice us at construction site

Accurate measurements

Using the latest technology and intelligent software Venturigo provides you extremely accurate measurements

ISO and EN Standards

Venturigo is designed to satisfy current standards and guidlines for airtightness tests

Report on web

Venturigo auto generates documentation and makes it available online




The earth will get less

40% of all energy in the world

40% of all energy consumed in the world, are used by our buildings. Thats more energy than any other sectors.

Reduce emissions

Airtightness of buildings are the single most effecient way to reduce greenhous gas emissions in the world. Reduce waste will reduce the climate changes.

Save costs

Waste of energy through air leakage in buildings costs $500 billion USD annually, or half a percent of global GDP.

You will get more

Fully automated test

The test will be fully automated based on the information given in the portal and current standards. No human inputs. No human failure.

Online portal

The Venturigo Portal will give you insight in all your tests, results, checklists and documents regarding your projects.

Better overview

Its easy to compare and improve your air leakage in different projects. It will be your tool in planning and documenting your process.

Testing large buildings has never been easier!

Vegard Williksen – CEO @ IrPa AS


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